About B·tie

About B·tie


B-Tie wants to be a new referent in the fashion world. More versatile and easy to wear for any occasion, B-Tie proposes a new style.

Ties have been, and still are, a touch of distinction and an individual expression of stylish clothing; through the tie we express our personality and current attitude.

The combination you can make with a blade and an already made knot gives you the chance to combine your tie as you like.

With B·tie you get that effect of evolution that the tie needed; a new look.

Instructions of use

B·tie instructions 1

Chose the blade (b) and the knot (a) that you want to combine.

B·tie instructions 2

Insert the narrow part of the blade inside the knot, bending the blade so that the wide part is positioned above the narrow part. Regulate the length of the blade for a close, sliding the knot.

B·tie instructions 3

Grab the knot on the inside and fit the brackets, closing the knot. You have your new tie combination.

B·tie instructions 4

Now, with the neck of the shirt up, adjust the straps of the tie to your neck size holding the brackets.

B·tie instructions 5

Close the bracket strips behind the neck.

B·tie instructions 6

...and ready!

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